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Swiss tax system

Swiss taxes are much lower than those of our European neighbors (both for companies and individuals). In comparison with the most countries of the EU and with the USA, where the tax is between 30% and 55% on net income, total taxes in Switzerland amount to approximately 22%. Furthermore, taxes themselves can be deducted from the income as an expense, that results in significantly lower effective tax rate, compared to most other countries where taxes are not deductible.
Swiss tax system is strongly influenced by the federal structure of the country (the federal corporate income tax rate is 8.5% flat).
Each Canton, consequently, has its own tax laws. Tariffs, tax rates, as well as exemptions, remain within the competence of each Canton.
Today, all Cantons can offer tax relief as an incentive to attract foreign companies, as well as to encourage the start-up of new companies. Switzerland, as a business location, is therefore also attractive from a tax viewpoint.
Please see our April's 2004 Newsletter for more detail.
 Negotiating tax arrangements
We provide personalized assistance in registration with the Swiss tax authorities and finding a high-qualified accountant to manage your bookkeeping in accordance with the internationally accepted standards.
You can also obtain a number of tax exemptions in Switzerland. These exemptions can reduce the already moderate tax burden in Switzerland to extremely attractive levels. We can negotiate these arrangements with the tax authorities to help you benefit from the unparalleled Swiss tax environment.
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The basic principle of the
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Corporate tax in Switzerland:
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Advantages of the
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