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  Swiss Work & Residence Permit

Relocation to Switzerland

Foreigners entering Switzerland with the intent to pursue gainful activity, need a work and residence permit. Switzerland does not use the term “work permit” in its traditional sense. The Residence Permit is a combination of both residence and work permits, entitling the holder to live in a particular Canton and work for a specified employer.
Private persons from foreign countries who invest in Switzerland and wish to manage their business personally, normally are granted such a permit.
 Applicant categories
Swiss immigration law divides all applicants petitioning for residency status into two categories: citizens of EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries, and citizens of countries that are not members of the EU or EFTA.
Citizens of EU and EFTA countries have preferred rights toward obtaining residency status. In the case of a citizen from a non- EU or EFTA country, the application must be accompanied by a substantiation of the need to hire the employee and evidence that the position in question cannot be filled by a Swiss citizen or a citizen of an EU or EFTA country.
 Residence permit application
For those considering moving to Switzerland, it is advantageous to bundle the various requests and to discuss them in advance, in the interest of "bundled solution". We can assist you in elaboration and realization of such bundled solution:
- to register your own company in one of
  the low-tax Swiss cantons,
- to prepare a set of documents, necessary
  for a permit to be granted,
- to submit to the cantonal authorities an
  application for residence permit for you
  and your family, in conjunction with your
  business project.
In order to obtain a permit for you, we will need to demonstrate the economic benefit you bring to the canton. It will suffice if, in particular, your business project or your activities:
- stimulate scientific, industrial, or trade development in the region
- involve the introduction of new technologies
- create new jobs or help retain existing jobs via new orders for local
  companies, etc.
We are in constant contact with the administrative services concerned, and can ensure optimal processing of residence permit applications at the cantonal and federal levels. If we feel that your case has a good chance of being accepted, we will submit the application on receipt of your documents. Normally, permits take around 5 months to process.
 Relocation service
With a low crime rate in Switzerland and its long-standing social peace and political stability, we take pride in assuring security and safety for you and your family. You will also enjoy an extensive and efficient network of public transportation and a world-class healthcare system.
Your family deserves special attention and we take extra care to provide it. In addition to application for work and residence permits, we offer high quality relocation services to our clients and their families:
- home search (rent or purchase),
- up-to-date country information,
- family integration, special needs,
- finding suitable schools for your children,
- organizing insurance issues, social security, etc.
This makes your transition time shorter, avoids costly & stressful pitfalls and enables you get to work without delay.
We are here to help you enjoy living in Switzerland and getting the most from our experience and cost-effective tailor-made relocation services.

Want to relocate to Switzerland?

How to become
a Swiss resident
  Business immigration
  Investment immigration
Contact us for more
details on which program
fits you best

Business immigration
Swiss law specifically favors individuals, who have an educated background, vast experience and are ready to set up a business in Switzerland (more...)
Investment immigration
High net worth individuals investing into local Swiss companies for the purpose to finance their growth, to enable them to create new jobs, and, as a result, to add economic value to the region, may apply for permanent residency in Switzerland.
The investment must be maintained for the full period of residency in Switzerland.
This program is aimed at high net worth individuals, who can take advantage of the Swiss fiscal package whereby they will not be taxed on their revenue or assets, but only on their living expenses.
The applicant must be 55 years old or over, and must be retired.
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