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  Swiss Quality of Life

Welcome to Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that offers a high quality of life. Prosperity is widely distributed. Postal services, air, road and public transportation, are safe and reliable. Energy supply is ensured at all times.
In terms of safety and health, residents have no need for concern. Switzerland is considered to be a particularly safe country with a public health care system that is among the best in the world.
High quality homes and apartments satisfy the most demanding quality requirements at reasonable price, and the country’s scenic beauty and cultural diversity offer all forms of leisure activities.
 Safety and health
Large urban areas with anonymous housing developments are relatively rare in Switzerland. Children can go to school unaccompanied by an adult in all areas of the country. Because of the largely decentralized and spacious structure of residential areas, individuals can move freely day and night. Traffic problems are minimal even during peak commute hours.
The availability of high-quality medical specialists, as well as renowned clinics and institutes using the most advanced medical technologies, contribute to the fact that the public health care system in Switzerland is among the best in the world. A dense network of public and private hospitals provides nationwide coverage for everyone. Approximately 10% of the gross domestic product is spent on the public health care system.
 Real estate in Switzerland
The real estate market in Switzerland offers a wide variety of options for those wishing to rent or buy a home or apartment. Whether you choose to live in the center of town or in the surrounding areas, you will find that the residential areas are not overly crowded, and that they offer comfort and convenience.
With the purchasing power afforded by the salary levels in Switzerland, the housing costs in the country are reasonable, compared with other European countries.
With respect to living costs in general, again Switzerland’s wage earners benefit from the purchasing power of their income.
 Education in Switzerland
Education has always been a top priority in Switzerland, as evidenced by the high level of financial investment made in Swiss schools, universities and technical institutes.
Education begins at the kindergarten level at age five or six. Primary school continues through grade six, and secondary school continues through grade nine. With the completion of secondary school, students have completed the compulsory school years, at which time they begin either vocational studies, or attend a higher level of secondary school preparing them for university studies.
Employees of foreign companies often stay in Switzerland for a limited period of time. During this time, however, it is important for their children to receive an excellent education and to achieve an academic level preparing them for further studies in their own country.
There are numerous private and international schools in Switzerland, which teach courses in English, German, French and Italian. As with the public school system, these schools have an excellent reputation due to the high standard of living and pedagogic tradition in Switzerland.
These schools accept children from age three and up, and from all different nationalities. Because Switzerland is traditionally multicultural and multilingual, the schools place a great deal of emphasis on respecting other cultures.
International boarding schools prepare foreign students for the graduation exams valid in their own country, such as a certificate of maturity, bachelor’s degree, and U.S. university admission examinations.
 Leisure activities in Switzerland
Whether you seek adventure, solitude, popular festivals or classical arts, Switzerland offers a great variety of cultural, leisure and sport activities in a small area. Around a year the country is an ideal destination for nature lovers, sport enthusiasts, people who prefer quiet contemplation or appreciate art. 
Whether as a tourist or permanent Swiss resident, everyone finds events that are tailored to their personal preferences. Switzerland guarantees individuality, true relaxation, adventure and prestige.

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