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  Company Formation in Switzerland

Setting up a company
under Swiss jurisdiction

As a general rule, the freedom of trade and industry, guaranteed by the Swiss constitution, allows everyone, including foreign nationals, to set up and operate a business in Switzerland. There is much less "red tape" in Swiss business regulation than in the UK, Germany, France or Italy.
Formation of Swiss legal entity opens access to the EU markets of nearly 500 mln. consumers, without limitations and customs barriers (although Switzerland is not a member of EU, Swiss companies use a wide scope of economic rights in EU countries).
An overseas individual or foreign company may choose the business form, which best meets their needs. To conduct a business personally on a permanent basis, a work and residence permit is however required.
 Stock Corporation
A joint stock company or corporation (German abbreviation AG, French abbreviation SA) is the most widespread type of company in Switzerland. Foreign companies often choose this legal form for their Swiss subsidiary.
100,000 Swiss francs of registered capital, of which 50,000 francs must be deposited at the moment of incorporation, required.
In order to create a joint stock company, only one founder/shareholder required, who can be individual or company, of Swiss nationality or not, and residing in Switzerland or not.
In other words, for the founders/shareholders, nationality and residence is not an issue.
As far as the board of directors is concerned, the rule is that at least one member of the board of directors must reside in Switzerland, regardless of his/her nationality.
Accordingly, a joint stock company can have only one board member, who resides in Switzerland.
 Limited liability company
A limited liability company (German abbreviation GmbH) is a legal entity, in which one or more persons or companies come together in a new company. The company's liability is limited to the amount of the registered capital that must be at least 20,000 Swiss francs.
Due to the revision of the corporation law, the process of establishing a limited liability company is less expensive and less complicated than establishing a corporation. The GmbH is increasingly preferred over the AG by small and medium-sized companies.
 Registration procedure
We provide personalized assistance in obtaining authorizations you need to incorporate your company in different cantons of Switzerland – Zurich, Basel, Luzern, Geneva, Vaud (Lausanne), Ticino (Lugano), etc., as well as in canton Zug with its unique tax advantages.
The more clearly and concretely the business strategy is defined at the initial stage, the faster it is possible to move from planning to implementation of your project. Once we've checked that your desired company name is free, and the capital has been deposited, a company can be registered in one-two weeks.
We are here to help you succeed in Switzerland. You can benefit from our experience in setting up foreign businesses and from having to deal with only one representative throughout the entire procedure.

Want to establish a business
in Switzerland?

Just show us the mountain –
and we will make sure
you get to the top!
Forms of business
in Switzerland
Joint-stock company
Limited liability company
Branch of a foreign company

Advantages and disadvantages
of different forms of business
in Switzerland

Optional activities of
your Swiss company
 This can be a trading company,
 to perform import/export
 operations, or a company-
 holder of your trademarks, or
 a holding company, owner of
 shares in your enterprises in
 different countries.
 This can be an assembly plant,
 to position your products as
 "Made in Switzerland", or a
 corporate bank account for
 international payments.
 This can be a company in the
 field of services (healthcare,
 recreation, education, etc.).
Whether you need a
representative on the ground
in Europe or virtual office
in Switzerland,
is your team

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